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Pregnant Woman at a computer working on postpartum and birth planning with doula


Over the years the term "birth plan" has taken on many meanings. Often doctors and nurses, do no like elaborate birth plans (and it's your birth, so you do you), but our plan is simple. Through a tried and true process, Doula Lara sits down either at your home, coffee shop or Zoom and we go through our birth plan template together.

One of the most valuable bits of information that comes out of our birth planning session, is key questions to take to your provider at your next visit. Asking the right questions and knowing what to ask are critical success points in your birth plan.

Think of this birth plan, not as an agenda, but more as a discussion around your preferences, and understanding what your options are.

Perhaps you are undecided or have decided to not hire a birth doula, but you wish to have support in building your birth plan? As an experienced doulas local to the Fort Collins area, we thrive in helping families build their evidence based birth plan that aligns with your goals and feelings around the birth. 

The plans allows you to make many decisions before baby arrives and gives you time to evaluate what options are available and may work best for you and your family.

2-3 hours virtually or in-person - $125

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