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As Sibling Doulas, we take care of your older child(ren) in the comfortable environment of your home while you are laboring and birthing your new baby or babies, whether you choose home birth, birthing center or hospital.

Are you having a baby and you need someone to stay at home with your other kiddo while you're at the hospital or birthing center? That's where Sibling Doulas come in. We are on-call starting at 37 weeks of your estimated due date. We will have at least one visit ahead of time to get to know your family and routines. And then we will stay with your child(ren) until you return home from the hospital, or if you are having a homebirth, we stay until you are simply ready for us to leave.

Our contract for a planned hospital labor, package price includes 24 hours from the time we arrive, with an hourly rate billed for each additional hour.

$300-$1500 / $50 hourly - inquire for a custom package

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