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Fort Collins' Full-time Postpartum Doulas, Birth Doulas, and more

Birth Into Community was founded in Fort Collins by Full Spectrum Doula, Lara Austin-Mooney (she/they), in 2020. 

Our mission is to provide warm, quality support to any family who could use our assistance during pregnancy, postpartum and during the loss of an infant. 

Birth Into Community has been slowly growing and expanding. Lara is the main doula who is in contact and works with all our families. For each family, we try to plan on a team of 2-3 doulas to ensure you're fully supported no matter what may come up on our end.

We are the only full-time postpartum doulas in Fort Collins. Each year we  have been taking on more births as the team expands and our schedules allow.

In January 2023, we are excited to be launching our blog, Thoughts From a Postpartum Doula, with the hopes of creating a permanent resource on the site for our families to be able to reference and for new families to get to know us better. 

Late Winter/Early Spring 2023, we are excited to be launching a virtual training program for Night Nannies called Night Nanny Academy. This is a globally available program, with the hopes of bringing more night nannies in the world to help parents get the rest they need at a price they can afford. 

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We exist, because we believe there is a better more loving way to bring new babies into this world, and that includes the new family being nurtured, cared for, and supported during this tender time.

Our founder Lara spent a lot of time really trying to figure out what good cause in the world to stand for and fight for. As a self described humanitarian and environmental activist, she found herself fighting for many great causes, but not making an impact because her efforts were so stretched and scattered. After digging deeper into each cause, the people who have been harmed the most, no matter what the cause explored, are Black people, specifically in the USA. The discovery that the treatment of Black people, intersected with almost every cause she identified herself passionately caring about: Black minorities, hispanic minorities, immigration injustice, the environment, reproductive justice, women's rights, First People's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, Trans rights, children's rights - she would constantly find the intersection of Black people. Want to know who gets treated the worst in the queer community? Black queers followed by Black transgender people. How about the environment? Where is corporate pollution the worst? In poor, often Black communities. Reproductive and women's rights? Black women are by far the most disrespected demographic in the USA, who have a much higher rate of dying from labor, and have a much higher infant mortality rate than their white, asian, and hispanic counterparts. Even if supporting Black lives didn't touch one of our prior causes, we have found that when you lift up the most marginalized it only benefits EVERYONE. When we uplift Black people, we are all uplifted. So we work with families, and new life, helping to create the foundations of transformation in our society to become a better place for everyone. 

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