Specializing in the fourth trimester, also known as postpartum, especially, the first forty days after baby's birth, by supporting the family with postpartum services. We are Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialists, certifying through DONA for Postpartum Doula and Birth Doula. Birth doula services available with a postpartum doula contract.


We are there to offer emotional support, nurturing to the whole family, processing of the birth story, assistance with feeding the baby (breastfeeding - latching and positioning, bottle feeding, and pumping), help with household chores and errands, meal planning, meal preparation - ensuring the whole family is fed, we are trained baby experts equipped with a plethora of trusted resources and referrals in the Northern Colorado area for questions and concerns that may arise (doulas, in general, are non-medical).

We strive to only provide evidence based information and be a trusted advocate for your family and baby throughout this journey.



We are here to help create support around the new parent-baby dynamic. Whether this is your first, second or third child, each baby brings in a new personality and demands - a new everything to the family unit.

Our doulas focus on ensuring the parents are supported as they adapt into their new roles.

Before baby arrives, we offer a 4-week postpartum care plan workshop, specifically for the primary caretaker, to help you create your plan (in community with other caretakers) and anticipate your needs as much as one can during the postpartum period. 

Once baby arrives, our postpartum care focuses on your feelings, questions and concerns. We take on tasks that cannot be done because one partner is working full time (or just as sleep deprived as the other parent) and the other partner is likely recovering from the birth, adjusting to this new life and taking care of baby 24/7.

Investing in a doula to assist your family in this tender transition has the following proven benefits:

Decreases Anxiety

Increases Confidence

Boosts Self Esteem

Improves Postpartum Mental Health

Increases Family Bonding

Benefits the Partners and Siblings

Assistance with Lactation

Comfort and Reassurance

Improves Relaxation

More Physical Movement

During COVID-19 times, we are typically only working with one postpartum family at a time and are therefore accepting a limited number of families.

We are dedicated to your safety, our safety and the safety of our community. We wear masks, wash hands frequently, wear indoor shoes, and take the upmost precautions to socially distance and adhere to local health protocols. 




At Birth Into Community, we strive to make the best possible postpartum experience for the family and we take that to the next level by being your postpartum and your birth doula. 

As birth doulas, we work with families who are preparing for the birth of their baby in the hospital, freestanding birth center or at home with a trained midwife. 

We work to help you understand all aspects of the birth plan, expectations, and goals throughout pregnancy, birth, immediate postpartum and postpartum through the first 6 weeks post birth.

Our main role during labor and birth is to offer physical, emotional, and partner support. We are trained to help with labor positioning and hands on comfort techniques to get the birthing person as comfortable as possible. During this highly emotional (and hormonal!) time, it helps to have a doula to remind you and the birth team of your goals, and to help you handle anything unexpected that is bound to come up.

We work to hold sacred space while you work to bring baby into the light.

We offer 10% discount on birth and postpartum doula bundle packages.

Having your baby during the COVID-19 pandemic in a hospital setting can bring up complications on how many support people a laboring individual may have. We have received the COVID-19 vaccination and the maximum time for full protection has passed.  If you happen to get COVID-19, if we can see you - we can doula you! The internet can be our best friend! Even if we cannot be in the room physically, we are more than happy to support you virtually. Plus, if we are doing our job right, we are preparing you throughout your pregnancy for labor. 


We strive to support ALL families, including BIPOC, multiples, single parents by choice, teens, LGBTIQ+, premies, cesarean born, foster and/or adopted babies.



We would be honored to serve your family during the tender postpartum period.



If you are pregnant and looking for support at your labor, birth of your baby, and postpartum period, we would love to be on your team.



Working with the primary caregiver, we focus on what you can do now to plan for the postpartum period and beyond.

Moon Doula Umbilical cord keepsake.jpg


We are Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialists and would be honored to process your placenta. We can process your placenta into capsules (flavored available), nourishing salve, tincture (that doesn't expire), and keepsakes like placenta prints and/or umbilical cord art.


A text message of gratitude and love from one of our families:

Thank YOU for being here. It's the biggest help and I love seeing you.

No, no, sweet family - we. thank. YOU!



The sweet baby you see above is part of our why. Izzi was our first doula baby. At the time, our founder Lara wasn't being called to be a doula, but to work with mamas to help calm their mind and physically prepare their body with prenatal yoga. Our doula mama was one of Lara's daughter's beloved preschool teachers, who had found out she was pregnant. She was in a loving relationship, she had everything she needed, except her partner is a sailor. He is at sea for 3 months, home for 3 months, and this repeats. Long story short, a doula was tremendously beneficial to them. They would do yoga, doctors’ visits, calls when test results came back, walks, all until labor began, which resulted in 24 of the most incredible hours, which ended with Lara departing mama in the post-op, after being in the operating room for an unplanned cesarean birth, followed by baby going to the NICU (with daddy!) for later resolving fever. Can you think of a few scenarios throughout this one family's journey where a doula might've been beneficial to have on the team? Talk about Birth Into Community inspiration!

The other part, and the roots of our why, is we have been called to help the most marginalized. Our founder Lara spent a lot of time really trying to figure out what good cause in the world to stand for and fight for. As a self described humanitarian and environmental activist, she found herself fighting for many great causes, but not making an impact because her efforts were so stretched and scattered. So she began to dial in, and each cause, almost every time came back to Black people, specifically in the USA. She discovered Black people, rather the treatment of Black people, intersected with almost every cause she identified herself passionately caring about: black minorities, hispanic minorities, immigration injustice, the environment, reproductive justice, women's rights, Native's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, Trans rights, children's rights - she would constantly find the intersection of Black people. Want to know who gets treated the worst in the queer community? Black queers followed by Black transgender people. How about the environment? Where is corporate pollution the worst? In poor, often Black communities. Reproductive and women's rights? Black women are by far the most disrespected demographic in the USA, who have a much higher rate of dying from labor, and have a much higher infant mortality rate than their white, asian, and hispanic counterparts. Even if supporting black lives didn't touch one of our prior causes, we have found that when you lift up the most marginalized it only benefits EVERYONE. When we uplift Black people, we are all uplifted. So we work with families, and new life, helping to create the foundations of transformation in our society to become a better place for everyone.